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The anticipated sequel to DSM I is  a great tool to help churches, along with Reformers Unanimous (RU) chapters around the world, diagnose and help hurting people struggling with serious personal problems. Many church and RU leaders find that they are unprepared to deal with these people that have very serious non-physical problems because the psychiatric world has proclaimed themselves to be the masters of this domain. Dr. Crabb's desire in writing this booklet is to help the Christian leader understand the practical implication of these terms and what the Bible says about these non- physical problems of life. Dr. Crabb takes the mystery out of these terms and clearly presents the Biblical viewpoint.
When Life Begins
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Many American women now live with the regret of having had an abortion. This book by Dr. Crabb will give you God's answer to abortion. The purpose for this book is not to condemn those who have already had an abortion, but to help us all understand the physical and spiritual reasons why it is wrong; and that healing and forgiveness is available through Jesus Christ.  A great resource to donate to crisis pregnancy centers in your neighborhood, or to discretely pass along to a hurting woman at church.
RIP Phase 1 Booklet
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The Recovery Through God's Truth Workbook Phase 1 is the first phase of four in the RIP curriculum. This workbook will guide you with step-by-step instructions for developing an eternal relationship with Jesus Christ. This version is only for use in jails, prisons, missions, treatment programs, etc.

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