RIP Phase 3
Our Price: $1.50

The Recovery Through God's Truth Workbook Phase 3 is the third phase of four in the RIP curriculum. This workbook will guide you with step by step instructions for developing an eternal relationship with Jesus Christ. This version is only for use in jails, prisons, missions, treatment programs, etc...
RIP Overcomer Workbook
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The Recovery Through God's Truth Overcomer is part of the RIP curriculum. This book is redesigned for specific use in the Jail Ministry.

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Kidz Club Ten Principles Banner
Our Price: $49.00

Grab the attention of the young children with this well designed Kidz Club Banner. Use the unique style of the Boy's/Girl's banners to create an atmosphere of competition between the children. With the Ten Principles on this delightful banner, we can see lessons which can be explained from the banner itself!

This does not include a stand. They are available separately.

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Cured by the Word - Conference Hoodie (Gray)

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Here is a mid-weight hoodie for wear in the Spring or Fall. It is the perfect way to bundle up, while still letting people know that the "Cure is The Word!"

Themed with our Logo: Cured by the Word, this product comes in gray. Get your Cured by the Word Hoodie and support God's work of RU around the world.

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"It's Personal" Daily Journal (Classic Size)
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Personal Intervention Kit
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I Am a Daughter of the King
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Our Price: $5.00
Cured by the Word - Conference Shirt (Gray)
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Distressed, Oppressed, or Possessed?
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Recovery Without Relapse Tract
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