Finding Balance in Life
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God loves and honors balance. The Bible tells us in Hosea 12:7, "the balances of deceit are in his hand: he loveth to oppress." But balance tends to liberate. In this book, we will discover the causes of our lack of balance, so that we can finally regain our balance and serve God the way He intended.  A great gift for friends or loved ones.
Nevertheless I Live Student Resource Guide
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The Nevertheless I Live (NIL) Student Resource Guide gives each student all the tools they need to effectively work the format and curriculum of Reformers Unanimous. Added to the NIL student guide outline notes you will find: helpful hints for students; the 10 Principles explained; Psalm One (the RU motto); the definitions of the nine fruits of the Spirit and the works of the flesh from the Stronghold Study Course; the definitions of the twenty-seven fruits of righteousness and the works of self-righteousness from the Uphold, Behold, and Threshold Study Courses; a glossary of dissected and defined words from Nevertheless I Live, Tall Law, and Umbrella Fella books written by Steve Curington, and much more!
A Worthy Model Teacher's Guide
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The World English Dictionary defines "pattern" as a model worthy of imitation. In Proverbs 31, God gives us a model that is worthy of imitation for all women. A Worthy Model is a verse-by-verse study on this pattern. This new Teacher's Edition includes additional notes for teachers written by Wendy Burks, and includes student handouts to use in class. (These handouts are provided in an editable format.)

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Cured by the Word - Conference Hoodie (White)

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Personal Intervention Kit
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"It's Personal" Daily Journal (Classic Size)
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